Monday, November 15, 2010

Favourite Supervisor + Korean Addict

Today, around 3 pm i went to UiTM to get a signature from my desired supervisor..dh lame nk amik Dr. Alias as my fyp supervisor..mula2 dh risau sbb mase cl die smlm dh ade 4 org..huhu..dpt k x ntah..sbb suke mase die ajar forecasting sem 1 dulu..btw,i'm very into forecasting..though it's impossible to get similar estimated value for industry but unless we can prepare 4 any unexpected events that may occur..that's forecasting..

So,Alhamdulilah Dr. said the other 4 students are not sure bcoz they do not see Dr. luck Dr. just approved it..i like it..he just corrected my fyp title..that's it..besides that,he gave me a journal related to tourism forecasting..for what i expected from the earlier i hope i can help TM to improve tourism industry..without the aid of kak nida impossible for me to get the data..Alhamdulilah dh sampai stage collection DONE!!!supervisor signature DONE!!!For the time being i need to concentrate on journal related to tourism & hospitality..skrg br dpt 6 journal..tmbh dgn Dr. bg td adela skit info..i hope it helps my fyp..

Apart from that nk tau skrg ni syok lyn cite korea..yela sem break..selain main msk2 kt dapur ni la my part time xtvt..hihi..i just love RAIN spontaneous acting,singing and especially his dancing..i just love him..saranghae oppa..kihkih..bile lg die nk mai sini..sukenye..okla smpai sini jla..klu cite psl korea smpai esk pn xabis..

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