Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FYP Colloquium

Arini g UiTM ade briefing 4 fyp sem dpn..kul 845 pg td..ya anta..sbb arini byk agenda..kene anta dila g SPM..pastu amik die plak sbb gap byk so better die blk and take a nap b4 next exam..bgla kete kt ya..huhu..lame xde driver..driver cuti pnjg..blk kpg..kihkih..mrh ya nnt..smpai kul 920 pg still ramai x masuk lg..pastu tb2 KP kate ade light refreshment..ape lg..den sanggup tggu..asalkn dpt mkn..yela pg tu mkn 2 keping karipap j..karipap cekenit ok bkn besar gabak tu..tu yg lapar blk.

bukti sy ade driver..yg tu ajim yg sibuk interframe

Pas mkn tu,Prof. Mat start briefing..as a conclusion for his talk..ramai students yg wt Master kurg cr journal for their project..as usual of course "Plagiarism"..bole wt tp jgn keterlaluan ikut bulat2..and also he added as frequent we read more knowledge will be gained.

Second presenter AP Dr. Yee plak..i got a clearer figure on how to do the best report..slalu ni cm simple..as guide by her i hope my fyp insyaAllah will be successful and going to be accepted to other..blk around kul 2 la..ya fetched me at faculty..then,we dropped at college jap..aritu kelam kabut smpai tertinggal charger hp..nsb baik ade spare part..then ktorg blk umh terus x singgah mn2 pn.

Overall the talk was very beneficial 4 me la..get a clearer idea what i am going to do soon..thinking of getting more journal to be read soon..insyaAllah..btw,esk maybe plan nk g jln2 window shopping kt Sunway Pyramid lg..see u soon.

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