Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebration Again!

Last week was the last day at my previous workplace..i was horribly sad..sgt2 memberi impak yg bsr dlm diri i..mgkn xdpt rase klu xtmpt lain..huhu..i was offered a new job which nearer to my hubby's workplace..lps dh minta pndpt mak,hubby n ramai lg..sume menyarankan i terima offer tu..i pn dgn rela hati terima tp bkn atas paksaan mereka sume..:)

the official offer letter..ade pn..euwww!

Once i was informed,last 2 days before i left they organized a surprise feast..they were so dramatic..pandai gile berlakon..kanak2 ni sgt bijak..hihi. 

 ni student form 5

Lg 1 kelas i ngajar best direct cl domino's wt party dlm kelas..kelas bljr jd kelas mkn2..diorg ni sume baik2 sgt.:)

 ni form 3 yg comel

 hadiah perpisahan..huhu

 i will miss this school very much..especially the students..they are so nice to me..:D

 Celebration yg plg special adela dr my hubby..lg best kate lapo2..ajak McD xmau..kate nk mkn he just decided to have lunch at Secret Recipe Batu Caves..time mknn smpi trs die kate "ni i blnje sempena dpt keje baru"..haha..i kate ni lg suprise dr student i..kuikui.

 for him

for me

I hope this is the best place for me..InsyaAllah..the more job i had i experienced new environment n attitude that i have makes me feel matured:)

 Enjoy the song..lately i love this song so much!


Cetul^ La La said...

congrats! hehe,, dpt keje kat ne?

Aini Aziz said...

kt pj..hihi..pokai duit dok pj.:)